Monday, February 21, 2011



These are the MissMe jeans I have been waiting for!
I did it! 25 pounds down and I found my MissMe Jeans!! These are the ones that I have wanted from the start and they are mine! Whew! Only 12 more pounds before I reach my goal of being under 200 pounds. I will probably keep going after that to make myself lose 40 maybe 45 pounds, but one step at a time. I have to get through rodeo and all those temptations first.
It's going to be weird being at rodeo and not being able to just eat whatever the heck I want. Being pregnant the last two rodeos was pretty awesome with all the great fair food. I'm just going to have to keep myself away from Reliant Center where all of that is. Of course that is where all the shopping is too so that should be fun. Maybe if I put clothespins on my nose.
It's a good week because of these fitting today. Now to keep my head down and keep going.