Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Again and again and again...

I've started this blog post over about 12 times and keep getting interrupted with something.

Now I've decided to put the headphones on while in the studio to put off the sign of "stay the hell out I'm working." Doesn't always work because eventually someone comes in about something that has nothing to do with anything important, or just someone that wants to argue because for some reason it's fun to them.

As far as my weight loss goes, I'm holding steady which I'm really happy about. I eat things I shouldn't and I know it but I try to run or do something athletic daily to help the good out weigh the bad. All my clothes are still slightly too big, except my new pair of Miss Me Jeans. They are a size 30! Yes a 30! Never thought I would be able to say that. Granted they are a little tight because in all honesty I could have used a 31 but they are already stretched a little bit after wearing them for one day. So I'm happy. Happy with the way I look, happy with what I weigh and happy about what I've accomplished.

So I guess I should really change the point of this blog. Lately I've needed to vent a lot so I write things down just to get them out of my mind. Kind of like Dumbledore does in Harry Potter with the pensieve (sp?).

Maybe this can be my vent place. The only thing about that is I know there are work people, God bless them, that read this blog and if I say anything about work they will automatically think that it's about them. Which sometimes, not gonna lie, it may be but this isn't the place to tell them what I think about them. I'll just keep writing those things down and then putting them in the office shredder.

So what shall I use this little thought space for? Parenting advice? Nah, even when I try to give it I'm basically told I'm a bad parent. Product advice? Only if I get freebees (hint hint). I can talk about my kids all day long from their latest milestones to the color of their poop. I do that enough already and I think I'm driving some people crazy. Marital advice? Nah not so good at that either, well I can figure out my own marriage but not anyone else.

Hmmm I will figure it out, I could give the secrets that I've learned about country stars that I have worked with...wait no I need my job.

Eventually when I write again I will have focus....maybe.