Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wang Chungs everywhere

I'm smack dab in the middle of rodeo hell.  It comes to an end next week and I am so ready.

I love my job and this is one of my favorite parts of it but this rodeo has beat the crap out of me.  The weather just has not cooperated.

Last week Cash was able to come out to rodeo with me.  Keep in mind the last time he was there he was 6mo old.  Last year he just wasn't able to go.  So anyway we are walking around the livestock show and Cash sees the milk cows.  He has seen cows, but never milk cows, I'm sure you can understand his confusion at this point.  Cash calls his privates his wang chung.

So here is how the conversation played out:

Cash: Mommy what are those?
Me:  Those are milk cows, that's where milk comes from.  That's a holstein and a brown suisse.
Cash: Look they have wang chungs!
Me: No honey those aren't wang chungs, those are utters.
Cash: But they look like wang chungs
Me: No buddy it's not
Cash: (getting a little frustrated) but it looks like MY wang chung

At that point I was cracking up and just kept walking.

Later that night someone asked him what he saw at the rodeo...guess what he said?  Cows with wang chungs.

The kid is a little smart for his own good.