Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Deep Thoughts by Christi

I've been a bad blogger...neglecting my blog and all. Things at work have been a little hectic and home is getting busier and busier as Summer approaches. Chris is wrapping up the year getting ready for Summer school, eventhough I'm secretly praying he gets a new job and can't do Summer school. Chloe turned 4, Cayleigh turned 2 and Cash is almost 8 months. Chloe starts dance in June and she's overly excited asking me everday what day she starts. Little stinker.

As for me and my weight loss I'm doing well. I reached my goal of losing 40 pounds and I'm keeping it off. Now I'm running everyday. It's doing wonders for my waistline and my legs. Not to mention my sanity. Now if I could just find time to get a tan.

Since I've neglected my blog so much I feel that I need to catch up on a little "news."

-All My Children is cancelled!
OH MY WORD! Do you know what this means to my world? I have watched this show for as long as I can remember! My mom use to tape it and come home and watch after work or she would sit late at night on the couch with her sunflower seeds catching up on her stories. Then I got all caught up in it once I was sitting in my dorm room eating Freebirds and drinking REAL coke, not diet, watching AMC when I was suppose to be in class or studying! So tragic. What will the world be without Erica Kane! Oh and the latest story line with the baby in the box and Erica having an evil twin sister...ahhhhh!

-Dancing With The Stars
OK so this season has been a little blah. It's not one of those sesasons where if I miss it I freak out and watch it online the next day, no. I do have to say that Kirstie Alley is a freaking champ and I love her. Ralph Macchio, I probably spelled that wrong, is totally wearing a toupe, come on, you know it. I don't even know who the Chelsea chick is with Mark Ballas and Hines Ward is Ah-May-ZING!

Best show on TV! The season finale was hands down the greatest ever, can't wait until the new season, already having withdrawls. WATCH IT PEOPLE!

-Ashton Kutcher taking Charlie Sheen's place on 2.5 Men

-Osama is dead
Hellz to the yeah!

OK have you seen Maria Shriver? She's a freaking skeleton with hair, wouldn't you sleep with the maid too? He's Mr. Universe for Heaven's Sake and well Karma is a you know what and she's a Kennedy so someone is getting her back. (I know I'm a terrible woman for not feeling bad for her)

-Stupid people
The reason I run

So that should catch you up on what's going on in my life and somewhat the world. Hope all is well. I promise I'm going to be better...and add some pictures or something.