Monday, January 31, 2011

BIG Day in Weight Loss Land

Big things could happen today in weight loss land...

1. It's the GRAND OPENING of my weight loss angels, Physicians Weight Loss Center, in Clear Lake. I have an appearance there this afternoon and I'm hoping it's a HUGE success for them because they deserve it. Such a great group of women there that are SO motivating and kind and freaking awesome.

2. With that said this could also be a huge day and I'm thinking I'm going to hit the 20 pound lost mark. On Friday I went in and had lost 18 pounds so I'm thinking today is a big day!

It's been a rough weekend. Yesterday especially, I wanted to just rip through something bad for me. I was SOOO hungry. The weekends really are the hardest.

I was watching the marathon yesterday and thought to myself I should do this when I lose the weight...then I remembered how my coaches tortured me with running and said nah never mind.

Here's to the BIG Loser day!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Down 16 POUNDS!! It's crazy. I was thinking about it yesterday. Cash weighs 18 almost 19 pounds. I complain about how hard it is to carry that kid around daily. He's a heavy little thing and my back hurts every night having to bounce him to sleep. A few more pounds and that's what I will have lost off my body. I carried that around on my body and it didn't bother me. Just NUTS!

Ok now to why I titled this singing...

I love to sing, LOVE it. Sometimes I wish I wasn't the athlete that I was in high school and would have focused on my voice more. Granted I use my voice daily, but not the way I dream to.

Singing is such a great way to make a bad day better. There are songs for every occasion.

Just think if I would have really focused on that talent in school this could be me...


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Thoughts...

I'm down 15lbs. now...go me! Of course I've been sick as a dog and don't even want to put anything in my mouth so that helps. I am actually dying for Pei Wei today, mainly because I think their Kung Pao Shrimp with brown rice would clear my sinuses up in a minute. Cest la vie...

Since my ENTIRE house was sick all weekend including myself I was up A LOT in the middle of the night which meant A LOT of bad TV including the commercials. Have you seen these commercials where they try to make it not a commercial. Like there is somewhere there "interviewing" another person to where it looks like some sort of talk show. It's 120 seconds of BS. Drives me crazy.

Then there is the commercial for the new Trojan "personal massager." You know the one that is so good it will "blow your hair back." All these bad actresses with their hair gelled to the max with their hair sticking straight back. What the heck is that? I think the funniest part of that commercial is the the one chick that is in camera shot the whole time, and she has to keep her head perfectly straight so you couldn't see her hair all crazy. She looks like a frozen robot just waiting with anticipation to deliver her line, poorly I might add. See for yourself...

Then the reality shows, seriously, Bridalplasty? Come on ladies really? He already proposed, now you are going to change yourself for who, him? You already got the guy what the heck are you thinking? Real Housewives of (insert city here), who are these women? The cat fighting and the rudeness towards one another is unbelievable. Oh and throwing a 3 year old a birthday party for the cost of a wedding, tell me you aren't living vicariously through your child. Insane. If you want a Real Housewives show follow some of the women I know who do it without nannies and a full staff. I guess that wouldn't be interesting enough for TV.

Now I love me some reality TV, The Bachelor, I have become hooked again. Those chicks are nuts. I have informed all three of my children to NEVER EVER go on a TV show to find their husband or wife. Dancing With The Stars...I wish I were famous enough to be on that show. I think I would be the one partner that Maks would win with. Oh and I'm a Law & Order and NCIS junkie, I can always find one of those on in the middle of the day or night. Drives my husband CRAZY which in turn makes me laugh.

Now back to justifying Kung Pao from Pei Wei...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frustrations and Food

Thank GOD for me thinking of blogging when I'm hungry because today I could eat an entire cow. It all started this morning when kids right and left started waking up early. Cash the baby at 4:15am, Cayleigh the middle wonder at 5:15am and Chloe the diva 5:45am. At one point this morning, while I was in the shower and daddy was trying to get dressed, they were ALL 3 CRYING! Seriously it would have been immediate birth control for anyone.
Daddy got to go to work as soon as the chaos began, lucky him. I on the otherhand had to endure the deafening screams of the above mentioned angels. Me being SUPERMOM, and yes I said that out loud, all was calm in a matter of 10 minutes. The girls were on the couch with their piece of bread, don't judge it was whole wheat, and watching "their shows." (GOD BLESS NICK JR.) Cash was taking a cat nap in the vibrating chair. This is my chance, hair, make-up, figure out WTF I'm gonna wear in my non-existent wardrobe, and get the girls clothes ready.
Just then...whah from the vibrating chair, screams from the living room, at that point I melted into nothingness. All I wanted to do was throw my hands up and have a chocolate muffin or a HUGE bowl of crunch berry cereal, in all honesty a Big Mac would have done the trick. I'm such a stress eater. I don't know what it is about food that makes me so...happy. Especially when I feel so sad when I do that to myself.

Then it hit me, the image of me in these...

Yes there they are...the elusive MissMe Jeans or "bling-bling" jeans as I like to call them. Look how good that chicks ass looks in there.

So at that point once the screams broke my dream sequence of me running through a grass field with a perfect body and bling bling jeans sparkling in the sun. I pulled myself up by the boot straps, put the big mac out of my mind and went on with the morning.

I know this is going to be a struggle. Especially for someone like me that uses food as her happy place. I weigh in today...if I'm down again I will be re-assured that the stress is worth it.


Monday, January 17, 2011

And So It Begins...

First I should start by introducing myself...

No not that the kid with the huge bow that doesn't match her shirt...the other one, see me, the chick with the fat rolls. Oh yeah. That's me. Just like I've been off and on my ENTIRE life. Yes the chunky girl, which I'm fine with. I'm a confident woman. Married, 3 kids, a great job, oh and I'm fat.

Seriously I have been a big girl for as long as I can remember. I've done pretty much every diet imaginable. I've starved myself, counted calories, eaten no carbs, drank my meals, taken pills...and it all worked, BUT it ALWAYS came back.

I was lucky enough to be bless with not 1 but 3 beautiful children, all about 2 years apart. So basically I was pregnant for 3 years. I wasn't one of these women that gained a ton of weight while pregnant either, in fact I lost weight. For some reason that trend didn't continue once the babies got here. Hmmmm maybe it was the late night munching on Honey Nut Chex Mix while breastfeeding (don't judge you gotta do something at 3am to keep yourself awake)...

See the little spiral cookie things? That's what got me hooked.

I finally decided I was going to start losing the weight. I was sick of being the only girl at the office who didn't have the fancy "bling-bling" jeans. I was sick of being the fat mom that people just look at and say, "Well she has 3 little ones, she doesn't have time to look good."

It may be vain to want to be the skinny bitch, dangit I got the bitch part down (or so some say) I just need the skinny.

So here it goes, this incredible journey to the skinny me.

I am fortunate enough to have a job that I get the opportunity to endorse some great and not so great things. What I believe came into my life by the grace of GOD is my new client. I have to stop for a moment and say that I'm not starting this blog to promote my new client, I am writing this blog for me, to get it all out, as an outlet for something to do when I'm feeling hungry or having a bad day. I'm a stress eater, so maybe I will be come a stress writer. Now on with the show...

My new client, Physicians Weight Loss Centers (, came to my job wanting to advertise. Me being the only fat chick on staff they came to me. Now I had done endorsements for weight loss products and centers before so I was very guarded. I met with the owners and LOVED them immediately. I knew this was going to work. With their motivation and me FINALLY deciding to pay attention to me I was going to do this.

I started on January 10, 2011. It is now January 17 and I am down 9 POUNDS! I can already feel parts of my body losing the weight. The skinny chick is in there, she just has to dig her way out. When she does, maybe this will be me after ...

Gosh a girl can dream...Here's to being a MOTIVATED MAMA!