Friday, January 28, 2011


Down 16 POUNDS!! It's crazy. I was thinking about it yesterday. Cash weighs 18 almost 19 pounds. I complain about how hard it is to carry that kid around daily. He's a heavy little thing and my back hurts every night having to bounce him to sleep. A few more pounds and that's what I will have lost off my body. I carried that around on my body and it didn't bother me. Just NUTS!

Ok now to why I titled this singing...

I love to sing, LOVE it. Sometimes I wish I wasn't the athlete that I was in high school and would have focused on my voice more. Granted I use my voice daily, but not the way I dream to.

Singing is such a great way to make a bad day better. There are songs for every occasion.

Just think if I would have really focused on that talent in school this could be me...


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