Monday, February 21, 2011



These are the MissMe jeans I have been waiting for!
I did it! 25 pounds down and I found my MissMe Jeans!! These are the ones that I have wanted from the start and they are mine! Whew! Only 12 more pounds before I reach my goal of being under 200 pounds. I will probably keep going after that to make myself lose 40 maybe 45 pounds, but one step at a time. I have to get through rodeo and all those temptations first.
It's going to be weird being at rodeo and not being able to just eat whatever the heck I want. Being pregnant the last two rodeos was pretty awesome with all the great fair food. I'm just going to have to keep myself away from Reliant Center where all of that is. Of course that is where all the shopping is too so that should be fun. Maybe if I put clothespins on my nose.
It's a good week because of these fitting today. Now to keep my head down and keep going.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Being Better

Weight Update....(picture that little news ticker here)..... 22 POUNDS! YES! I am only 15 pounds away from my goal. I am blown away by my focus on this diet. I may be tooting my own horn but I'm really proud of myself so back off. Wow that was nice of me to say...3..2...1...I'm really proud of myself and I hope you are too, that's what we do in radio when we want to start over, we just have to say 3, 2, 1 and it's like the first thing we said never happened.

So The World Championship BBQ Cook-off is next week and that's like the start of crazy season around here. I only go to 2 of the nights now instead of 3 which is probably smart since I haven't had any alcohol really since I started this whole life transformation. This is also the time limit I gave myself to fit into my MissMe jeans, well that's not going to happen. They don't make them in my size which is a lot smaller than it use to be but still you have to be a 10 before you can even get a pair. Oh well there are other bling-bling jeans that do make my size and I'm on the hunt.

I started this blog entry today with tears in my eyes. I was sent a video link from one of my record folks about one of his artists Jennette McCurdy. She is starting her music career but is already quite famous. For those of you that don't know she is on the Nickelodeon show iCarly. She plays Sam Puckett. You can find her here: Anyway... in the video they showed her going into a mall to play for a crowd...a VERY large crowd. After she does a meet and greet, and all these kids are waiting patiently to meet Jennette. Then there was this one little girl that they get a closeup of meeting Jennette. You can just see in her face that this is the biggest moment in her life. This has made her day, she could die right now and be happy. That's what got me.

I started thinking of Chloe, Cayleigh and Cash and all the opportunities they have in front of them. Then I started thinking about all the things they are going to get to do that other kids won't because of my job. I have worked so hard to get where I am, that work pays off. It's like I had an epiphany. Yes I'm trying to lose weight, it sucks sometimes, but losing the weight will make me healthier, which will keep me on this Earth longer, which means more time to make sure I'm the best person ever. So from here on out that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to be better. A better mom, a better wife, a better friend, a better co-worker, a better daughter, etc.

To start I'm not going to let one person ruin my whole day. Instead I'm going to remind myself of how I want my kids to see me. I don't want the kids to see me come home frustrated everyday, so I'm not going to let the stupid little things get to me. I want my kids to grow up confident in themselves and know that no matter what happens around them they are loved and the greatest little beings on Earth. That they can do ANYTHING they want in life if they put their mind to it. I want to show them that there is more to life than work. It's a big world, and sometimes it's tough and you have to do things you don't want but you will be a better person in the long run.

That's why I deleted my previous post. If you happened to catch it before I did it was about someone who constantly steals the joy out of my day here at work. I decided instead of letting this person get to me, because she does, I'm going remember that she may not even know how she is. She doesn't have many friends and I remember what that was like growing up and it wasn't fun, so I can imagine what it is like to be a grown adult and have no friends also. Maybe if I continue to be nice to her, even when I don't want to be, that this will make her have an epiphany and become a better person also.

To go back to my original thought at the start of this. One day that could be my little girl that some little girl is looking up to remembering that day for the rest of her life. I want to make sure that if it is, that my little girl grew up confident and not letting the big bad world get the best of her. Also that she had a mommy that found the best in herself and everyone else and that she does the same.

Have a great day!


Monday, February 7, 2011

You Look Great....

Not that I don't appreciate the compliments, I had to say that first! Now...

Was I that hideous before? I mean the looks and the wows I get now because I've lost 21 pounds are lovely, really they are. I wanna know where those people were when I was fat. I mean I'm still plump, not gonna lie, but I must have been huge the way people are reacting to the weight loss.


This coming from someone that said I looked great after having Cash. Then it was, "Oh my goodness you look just like you did before Cash was born!" LIARS!

Yes being fat you get discriminated against, it's true. Just go to any normal department store and there is a WHOLE section for fat people. They try to play it off by calling it the "WOMEN'S" section, they should just put a huge sign blinking and flashing..."YO YOU CAN'T FIT IN THAT...YOUR SECTION IS RIGHT HERE!" Then you have to buy two seats on a plane, sorry but that makes sense to me, just for my own personal comfort I would buy two seats. You probably aren't going to get a job no matter how wonderful you are, if it's between you and the skinny person, the skinny person wins. It doesn't mean fat people are ugly. It doesn't mean they, or should I say we, aren't amazing people.

I get it you don't want to tell someone they look like crap. Believe me I have been that person, I did it just last week, to someone I really really don't like.

If I look this GREAT now how did you REALLY think I looked before? Was I ugly? Was I not the fabulous person I am today? Just makes me wonder...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm 20 pounds down as of yesterday! That's HUGE for me. I woke up like a new woman today.

I did decide to change my plan and start eating food again. I was doing a meal replacement plan that gave me 800 calories a day. It was great during the week because of the time constraint but the weekends were KILLING me (see previous post). So now I have a choice, I can replace a meal or have real food. That could be why I woke up so happy today too. I had cereal for breakfast, it was the greatest small bowl of cereal in my entire life.

Now for my thoughts on the Bachelor...this post has been coming for awhile but I can't wait any longer after last night...

1. Brad is a douche! Seriously the guy can barely put sentences together. He isn't good looking enough to be that dumb.

2. Come on ladies quit crying! You have known this guy for what 4 weeks and you are so devastated that you are crying so much you can't speak? Really? Honey, you're a gorgeous young lady that has a job, and you're skinny to top it off, and you're on national TV crying over not getting picked by a douchey famewhore who will probably not pick someone in the end anyway! I know your ego may be hurt because YOU decided to put yourself out there, on national TV...I'm just saying. What kind of example are you setting for the young women of America. Grows some balls and stand up for yourself and get out there in your own hometown, with men that are actually worth something and get you a man.

3. I seriously think Brad went back on the Bachelor for the cool trips he gets out of it. I mean they are going to Costa Rica next week, then Anguilla, THEN safari in South Africa. Really? Are you sure you're going to pick someone this time Brad or are you going to milk this therapy thing for all it's worth.

4. Emily - Honey you are GORGEOUS and what a strong person you are. Go and find yourself a real man and not this freaking weirdo, he will probably break your heart. SIDENOTE: I still don't understand women that leave there children at home to come on this show. Because that's smart, "bye sweetie mommy's gonna go on TV to find you a new daddy. You're going to see him kiss a bunch of other women and mommy all at the same time but I'm going to get a rose to move on so it's no big deal. This is how it all really works in life." Anyway Emily send yourself home. You are better than this crap.

5. Ashley whatever you last initial is: GET OVER IT

6. Chantal: SEE #5

7. Michelle you are NUTS! Crazy may bring ratings but crazy don't bring diamonds. You are Brad actually deserve eachother I think. He's an idiot and you're wacko, it works.

I know, I know...gosh Christi don't hold back and why do you even watch the show.

I don't know it's like I'm addicted, there must be some sort of subliminal message running in there somewhere that has Pei Wei attached to it that makes me watch.

Til next time...