Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm 20 pounds down as of yesterday! That's HUGE for me. I woke up like a new woman today.

I did decide to change my plan and start eating food again. I was doing a meal replacement plan that gave me 800 calories a day. It was great during the week because of the time constraint but the weekends were KILLING me (see previous post). So now I have a choice, I can replace a meal or have real food. That could be why I woke up so happy today too. I had cereal for breakfast, it was the greatest small bowl of cereal in my entire life.

Now for my thoughts on the Bachelor...this post has been coming for awhile but I can't wait any longer after last night...

1. Brad is a douche! Seriously the guy can barely put sentences together. He isn't good looking enough to be that dumb.

2. Come on ladies quit crying! You have known this guy for what 4 weeks and you are so devastated that you are crying so much you can't speak? Really? Honey, you're a gorgeous young lady that has a job, and you're skinny to top it off, and you're on national TV crying over not getting picked by a douchey famewhore who will probably not pick someone in the end anyway! I know your ego may be hurt because YOU decided to put yourself out there, on national TV...I'm just saying. What kind of example are you setting for the young women of America. Grows some balls and stand up for yourself and get out there in your own hometown, with men that are actually worth something and get you a man.

3. I seriously think Brad went back on the Bachelor for the cool trips he gets out of it. I mean they are going to Costa Rica next week, then Anguilla, THEN safari in South Africa. Really? Are you sure you're going to pick someone this time Brad or are you going to milk this therapy thing for all it's worth.

4. Emily - Honey you are GORGEOUS and what a strong person you are. Go and find yourself a real man and not this freaking weirdo, he will probably break your heart. SIDENOTE: I still don't understand women that leave there children at home to come on this show. Because that's smart, "bye sweetie mommy's gonna go on TV to find you a new daddy. You're going to see him kiss a bunch of other women and mommy all at the same time but I'm going to get a rose to move on so it's no big deal. This is how it all really works in life." Anyway Emily send yourself home. You are better than this crap.

5. Ashley whatever you last initial is: GET OVER IT

6. Chantal: SEE #5

7. Michelle you are NUTS! Crazy may bring ratings but crazy don't bring diamonds. You are Brad actually deserve eachother I think. He's an idiot and you're wacko, it works.

I know, I know...gosh Christi don't hold back and why do you even watch the show.

I don't know it's like I'm addicted, there must be some sort of subliminal message running in there somewhere that has Pei Wei attached to it that makes me watch.

Til next time...


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