Monday, February 7, 2011

You Look Great....

Not that I don't appreciate the compliments, I had to say that first! Now...

Was I that hideous before? I mean the looks and the wows I get now because I've lost 21 pounds are lovely, really they are. I wanna know where those people were when I was fat. I mean I'm still plump, not gonna lie, but I must have been huge the way people are reacting to the weight loss.


This coming from someone that said I looked great after having Cash. Then it was, "Oh my goodness you look just like you did before Cash was born!" LIARS!

Yes being fat you get discriminated against, it's true. Just go to any normal department store and there is a WHOLE section for fat people. They try to play it off by calling it the "WOMEN'S" section, they should just put a huge sign blinking and flashing..."YO YOU CAN'T FIT IN THAT...YOUR SECTION IS RIGHT HERE!" Then you have to buy two seats on a plane, sorry but that makes sense to me, just for my own personal comfort I would buy two seats. You probably aren't going to get a job no matter how wonderful you are, if it's between you and the skinny person, the skinny person wins. It doesn't mean fat people are ugly. It doesn't mean they, or should I say we, aren't amazing people.

I get it you don't want to tell someone they look like crap. Believe me I have been that person, I did it just last week, to someone I really really don't like.

If I look this GREAT now how did you REALLY think I looked before? Was I ugly? Was I not the fabulous person I am today? Just makes me wonder...

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