Monday, January 17, 2011

And So It Begins...

First I should start by introducing myself...

No not that the kid with the huge bow that doesn't match her shirt...the other one, see me, the chick with the fat rolls. Oh yeah. That's me. Just like I've been off and on my ENTIRE life. Yes the chunky girl, which I'm fine with. I'm a confident woman. Married, 3 kids, a great job, oh and I'm fat.

Seriously I have been a big girl for as long as I can remember. I've done pretty much every diet imaginable. I've starved myself, counted calories, eaten no carbs, drank my meals, taken pills...and it all worked, BUT it ALWAYS came back.

I was lucky enough to be bless with not 1 but 3 beautiful children, all about 2 years apart. So basically I was pregnant for 3 years. I wasn't one of these women that gained a ton of weight while pregnant either, in fact I lost weight. For some reason that trend didn't continue once the babies got here. Hmmmm maybe it was the late night munching on Honey Nut Chex Mix while breastfeeding (don't judge you gotta do something at 3am to keep yourself awake)...

See the little spiral cookie things? That's what got me hooked.

I finally decided I was going to start losing the weight. I was sick of being the only girl at the office who didn't have the fancy "bling-bling" jeans. I was sick of being the fat mom that people just look at and say, "Well she has 3 little ones, she doesn't have time to look good."

It may be vain to want to be the skinny bitch, dangit I got the bitch part down (or so some say) I just need the skinny.

So here it goes, this incredible journey to the skinny me.

I am fortunate enough to have a job that I get the opportunity to endorse some great and not so great things. What I believe came into my life by the grace of GOD is my new client. I have to stop for a moment and say that I'm not starting this blog to promote my new client, I am writing this blog for me, to get it all out, as an outlet for something to do when I'm feeling hungry or having a bad day. I'm a stress eater, so maybe I will be come a stress writer. Now on with the show...

My new client, Physicians Weight Loss Centers (, came to my job wanting to advertise. Me being the only fat chick on staff they came to me. Now I had done endorsements for weight loss products and centers before so I was very guarded. I met with the owners and LOVED them immediately. I knew this was going to work. With their motivation and me FINALLY deciding to pay attention to me I was going to do this.

I started on January 10, 2011. It is now January 17 and I am down 9 POUNDS! I can already feel parts of my body losing the weight. The skinny chick is in there, she just has to dig her way out. When she does, maybe this will be me after ...

Gosh a girl can dream...Here's to being a MOTIVATED MAMA!


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  1. you go girl!! I know you can do it and I'm gonna figure out a way to do it too!! Thanks for being an open book to everybody. You are and will continue to be an inspiration to all. Love you big!!