Monday, January 5, 2015

I Failed, and it's ok...

Yes I missed a day of writing. Yesterday in the rush of getting the kids ready to go back to school and preparing myself to get back in a routine I didn't write. So this may be long.

I did run yesterday and it hurt. More on that later.

My main frustration came in the kitchen. I cooked a ham the day before and I thought what a perfect opportunity to try and make my MIL bean soup. So got the ingredients and went for it. The family had lasagna for dinner. That should tell you how it turned out.

Ask me to bake a cake or cookies and they are perfect. Ask me to make a savory meal and I'm screwed. I follow the recipes, I try and buy the best ingredients and it never fails it sucks. I try so hard to cook well and I just can't. How does this work?  Downs God just decide one day you love food so you won't be able to cook. Now I can cook. I make great chili and can grill better than most guys. Oh well, maybe someone will get me some cooking classes for a gift one day.

Now for today. I was totally out of practice with the get to school routine. Got the girls to school but had to come back to make my lunch, eat some breakfast and make sure I got everything.  I have to do that once a week. Someone is going to have a meltdown over clothes or lunch or hair or something and will make us late.

Get back to work and I was so ready to get ahead of the game...didn't happen. Then I said well  gonna get all my paperwork done while I'm on the air, nope. So basically I accomplished nothing I wrote on my to do list at the time I wanted to complete it. So frustrating.

This brings me to my run. I spoke with Kevin Kline this morning. He runs ultra races and marathons and stuff.  We are pretty surenI have a shin splint. So beat thing is rest so that's what I'm doing today. Resting. Then before my next  run, I'm slapping on the compression socks.

I'm falling asleep now. Back tomorrow.

P.s. Excuse typos , I did this in my phone.

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