Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bring It On 2015

So here we go again.  Another year with another list of what I call goals.  Not resolutions because I know if I call it that they won't happen.  That's how my brain works.  This is one of my goals, to write here everyday.  It may be a short post a long post but I HAVE to write something here daily.

2014 brought a lot of good and crazy for us.  Chris got a new job, my middle wonder started kinder or what we call "big school."  The youngest God Bless Him has grown into this giant toddler who has a personality that goes for days.  My oldest is apparently the best student ever and a genius...oh and a damn good little softball player.  That brings us to me.

2014 was a huge year for my job.  The station became the CMA Station of the Year and Marconi Station of the Year.  2 HUGE honors that came with A LOT of hard work and dedication from what I think is the best team in radio.  Personally I was searching for something...I still am.  I started a business out of my home which is basically just fun for me but became a business so I could be legit.  I became a lover of beer, which is a BAD thing.  This brings me to my second goal.  GET MY BUTT BACK IN GEAR.  I was doing so well eating and exercising.  Not so much dieting but just being smart.  With all that new work stuff came the stress eating monster so here I am back at being Thick In The Middle.

One thing I did come to love in 2014 is running.  I completed my first 5K without stopping which was a HUGE accomplishment for me.  I have always hated to run thanks to it being used as punishment in athletics.  I despised it.  The station sponsors the 9/11 Heroes run every year.  Last year I walked most of it.  This year I wanted to run the whole thing.  Didn't matter how long it took I just wanted to finish.  I did it.  It was an awesome feeling.


Now the station is sponsoring the annual Rodeo Run...yeah I'm the team captain of the slow people.  My 3rd goal is to run everyday.  Doesn't matter how far or how long just run.  See how that ties into my 2nd goal?  I'm smart like that.

There are some other challenges coming up that I know we are going to have to face but I have to go do my run for the day so no talking about it now.

Here's to an amazing 2015!

Until tomorrow...


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