Monday, October 28, 2013

and I'm Back...

I recently had the honor of hanging out with my college roommate.  The one I actually liked.  She was the first and the best.  I had several.  Charla was ok, Tracy was a really she was.  Julie I adored I was just done being at school at that point.  Anyway, focus Christi, Paige (the roommate) said something about enjoying keeping up with me through the blog.  She enjoyed my writing.  So here I am again, writing my daily crap for all to read.  I'm actually writing in a notebook first because if I write it I might edit myself a little.  Trust me, you want me to.

So let's start with a funny thing that recently happened.  Oh and I have to warn you, my filter is basically gone since the last time I wrote here.  Sorry 3 kids 3 years later will just about kill ya.

Anyway...Cash wakes up constantly, I mean ALL THE TIME!  I was sleeping on the couch (fell asleep catching up on shows) and I hear the little feet.  I know exactly who it is too, then the whining beings.  I check the clock...12:45!  WHAT?!  Good lord, no wonder I have black circles.

Then Chloe wakes up, "My throat hurts."  She laid flat on her back all night mouth wide open snoring, what did she expect?  I know this because I check on them constantly in the middle of the night .

45 minutes later I hear little man on the couch stirring, stretching and making noise.  Thinking here we go, 5:30am and bubs is already up.  Then out of nowhere I hear SHIT! (stretch) SHIT!

That was my son, on the couch, asleep and someone or something.  Yes he was still asleep.  I figured at that point I had accomplished my mommy fail of the day and the day could only get better from there.

I promise I will write more often and post pictures and such as much as I can.

Until next time...


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