Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Slowing Down

I have lost 39 pounds (almost it's like 38.8 so I'm saying 39). I'm a new person. I eat differently, I live differently, I shop differently...ha ha ha. I still think I can lose more but I'm not on such a mission now as I was before.

The weight loss is slowing down while work is getting busier than ever, which is why I think the weight loss is slowing. Work is kicking my butt. So I'm continuoulsy trying to find things to distract me.

I know it doesn't seem right but I have to have brain breaks so I go online and enjoy a little humor. Currently it is This is a site, if you don't know, where people post their "auto-correct" problems with their phones while texting or emailing. I myself have fallen victim to auto-correct A LOT lately.

Recently the hubby texted me something about a certain date on our calendar and what we have going on. My phone took my reply to his text and turned it all in circles, and if I offend...sorry, this is what my phone read...

"you can take Chloe to the dictor for her shits."

Should have read...

"you can take Chloe to the DOCTOR for her SHOTS!"

Oh that had me laughing all day. Of course it got me to thinking, who are the perverts that run this technology that they would turn words into such a thing. An innocent little text turns into vulgar language. Now we all know that I have a mouth like a sailor so I'm sure the hubby was like "whatever Christi." I digress.

Do yourself a favor and visit for a laugh, BUT I warn you some of it is a little pornographic, which those are even funnier.


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  1. I would love to loose some weight,but with all the stress and the ongoing projects, I gained 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks.